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This website is currently under construction and will change over the upcoming months. Thanks you for your patience while we are trying to make it interesting for people who focus on cycling and its contribution to liveable, vibrant communities.

Articles will be posted periodically. Normally, these articles will be highlighted in the Velo.Urbanism blog.

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Cycling and People Places


Cycling and People Streets


Southern France – Thoughts on the French approach for improving urbanism through refocusing transportation mode usage.

Reducing the effects of car usage and impact is achieved through extensive traffic calming, people streets, cycling priority, and efficient street designs that give tramway, pedestrians, and cyclists true priority.

Vancouver, British Columbia – Should the Vancouver Viaducts be demolished?

Demolishing the viaducts allows for more development on this part of the downtown peninsula. The question is if there would be any real impact on car driving when each year the continued direction is for less and less people travelling to the downtown peninsula for work, shopping, and entertainment by car.

Vancouver, British Columbia – Transportation 2040 Plan

The city is in the process of developing an new transportation plan with a focus on Active Transportation (walking, cycling, and transit). The next stage is for public consultation. Some thoughts are being offered for consideration.

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