Cycling, one of the Strategies for Vibrant, Liveable, Sustainable, Green Urbanism





Evolving Focus

First, the emphasis was on redistribution of road space for people who were currently cycling.

Then, the priority evolved to quality cycling infrastructure that would induce motorists to cycle instead for their transportation needs.

Now, the focus is shifting towards cycling being one of the strategies for delivering vibrant, liveable urban neighbourhoods that are sustainable in the long term and green, making contributions to improvement in the quality of air, in personal health, in helping reducing the obesity health crisis, and in contributing towards the reduction of health care costs.


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This website is currently under construction and will change over the upcoming months. Thanks you for your patience while we are trying to make it interesting for people who focus on cycling and its contribution to liveable, vibrant communities.

Articles will be posted periodicaly. Normally, these articles will be highlighted in the Velo.Urbanism blog.

Cycling and Combined Mobility

Vancouver, British Columbia – Transportation 2040 Plan

The city is in the process of developing an new transportation plan with a focus on Active Transportation (walking, cycling, and transit). The next stage is for public consultation. Some thoughts are being offered for consideration.





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