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As CycloTouring grows in popularity, so does the demand of the comforts of urban life being available while touring through the lands and mountains. No longer will a canvas tent do for overnight accommodation. Now we look for upscale hotels with internet and a business office in the smallest hamlets and places of spectacular views of nature.

As speed of driving is slowly moving to responsible driving with less collisions and incidences of people ending in hospitals rather than their destinations, so changes the design of roads and highways. Traffic calming has migrated beyond local neighbourhood cycling streets to highways and roads in rural areas. Nowhere, in my travels, is this most evident than in southern France.



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GO Trains, bike cars, and cycling in the NIagara Peninsula

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The fabulous Coeur d'Alene trail crossing northern Idaho along a 110 kilometres route from Plummer to Mullan at the Montana state line.

Banff Legacy Trail, a 26 km trail from the East Entrance of the Banff Park to the townsite, then continuing on to the Bow Valley Parkway on the way to Lake Louise. The cycle this year ended in a series of 5 articles posted on a blog.


A few articles from the latest and the French cycling experience.


Nice Fr Tramway







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